Recently cheated by a Tata AIG employee


I am existing customer of Tata AIG and carrying a ULIP policy from last 5 years. I have recently been cheated by one of the Tata AIG Managers sitting in Sector 4, Noida via Apurva Agency. It appears to me that your branch office at sector 4, Noida is full of fraudsters. I called at that office many times but couldn’t speak to a genuine person there.

Mr. Jai Prakash from Tata AIG contacted me around a month back and told me about a special scheme for existing Tata AIG customers. I agreed to take a new Lakshya Plus policy as per attractive offer details provided by Mr. Jai Prakash. However, I now realize that this guy is a trickster and none of the details he told me were correct. Now, he is avoiding my calls and not helping me in any manner. Following are the promises that he gave me:

180% bonus on the premium of existing policy (U100549173) within 90 days of inception of new policy,
180% bonus on the premium of new policy (number mentioned under subject) after completion of 5 years,
Minimum guaranteed return of 15.70% per annum
He told me that this money will be invested in Metro project and Tata AIG will get approximately 20% p.a. return, out of which customer will get at least 15.7%p.a.
He also offered me 20% cash back (immediate) of my first premium of INR.30000

Apart from above, he also lied about the fund value of my existing policy. He told me the F.V. is INR.1,31000, however when I checked from Tata AIG customer service, I found my fund value is only INR.95,000. I have found that none of the promises made by Mr. Jai Prakash were correct and I am highly disappointed with Tata AIG Life Insurance. I never thought that a Tata AIG employee at manager level can cheat people like this.

I have been speaking to other manager in the same branch named Mr. Ishan Sharma (Mob – 7503796855) from last few days. He told me that Jai Prakash has made similar false promises to some other customers as well, looks like a fraud is in making. I understand from Ishan that Jai Prakash has been transferred to Chandigarh branch. He assured me that he will get my policy cancelled and strict action will be taken against Jai Prakash, however I really doubt that Ishan is genuine guy.

I would request you to please help me and get the above mentioned policy cancelled ASAP. Also, I would expect that strict action is taken against Mr. Jai Prakash (Mob – 7503741446) and Apoorva Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.

NB: Give me contact number of a senior authority. This is a serious issue and I want to make sure strict action is taken against culprits.

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