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May i request you to arrange to update the latest status of various promotional scheme; tariff ; plan etc. in the BSNL Mobile customer care IVRS system.
all the bsnl customer think BSNL customer Care service is very poor.

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    All companies are doing that.
    Now I can unsubscribe Airtel Live with 121 menu. During the past I had to spend hours emailing and talking to customercare. Airtel Live service has many activities, including gambling and prostitution. I just do not know why I had to unsubscribe a dozen times, frequently finding the service active again, even though I had never requested activation.
    October 09, 2008
    The Director CBI
    Subject : TRAI Chief – DOT Chief – UCM Nexus involved in MULTI-Telgi scams
    Esteemed Sir
    Airtel unconcerned with my everyday unsolicited complaints for over FIVE years troubled me today a new and novice way.
    At 03.34.38 a SMS was flashed to my mobile phone 9810571993 :-
    Thanks for downloading JavaGame from Airtel Live WAP Service. You have been charged Rs99. Join GamesClub
    (SCREENSHOT of absurd link output at
    I am informed that game was downloaded at 02.45 AM. Like most other people in India, my entire family was asleep at that time.
    Sir, that is not just an isolated case of incorrect charge. Telecom companies, after paying huge bribes to national leaders through TRAI, are duping consumers several crores rupees EVERY DAY through fraudulent transactions.
    The latest list of unsolicited callers is hosted at
    Most spams originate from Airtel phone numbers.
    08 September 2008 SMS received from Investers – Number swallowed by pan-corrupt TRAI Chief – 9311299112
    Yours faithully

    (Dr K Chaudhry)
    Copy to Police Commissioner, Director CBI, UCM, PM, PresidentOfIndia Media
    A narcoanalysis of TRAI Chief may reveal multiTelgi scam

    09 October 2008 01.13 PM : 121 Supervisor assured me that charges would be reversed within 24 hours. (Complaint no. 91680370)
    10 October 2008 : CC Executive informs me that supervisor did not state 24 hours. Resolution time ends 13 October 12.00 noon
    13 October 2008 11.22 PM : For certain reasons refund could not be effected within resolution period. Refund expected before 15 October 2008 (Complaint no. 13443283)
    20 October 2008 : Airtel Customercare – Main aapko 50 rupaye abhi de raha hun. 49 rupaye aapko kal dopahar tak mil jaayenge. Does Airtel really need to pay Rs99 in two installments? Looks more like rickshawpuller paying rent to rickshaw owner.
    21 October 2008 : Customercare Executive (2/3/9) states last call recorded from my number was on 10 October. In refunding Rs99, Airtel is stooping below the status of ice cream vendor who kept a balance of Rs15 for next day but did not pay for two weeks.
    23 October 2008 : Customercare Executive (2/3/9) states “Aapka Rs50 20 taarikh ko refund ho gaya thaa. Baaki Rs49 ka refund 4 ghante mein ho jaayega. Is that really Airtel Culture?
    Most subscribers just fail to persue the matter and bear with fake transaction charges. Cummulative loot – billions of rupees a day – is shared by telecom company, TRAI, DOT, Communication Minister and other netas.
    How many consumers would spend Rs990 on complaints at all spined levels, for a refund of Rs99.00? Telecom companies are making billions of rupees EVERYDAY from fake transactiona and passsing a share to national leaders through TRAI Chief and Minister.

    July 31, 2009
    The Chief Executive Officer
    Subject : Airtel Nodal/Appellate Officer telephones
    Esteemed Sir
    I made too many calls to telephones 9818334865 9958444865 yesterday andtoday but the phone keeps parotting that the officer is busy.
    That amounts to mockery of redressal provisions. Also I could end up spending over Rs20 on deaf system, attempting to call own service provider.
    You are requested to look into matter and direct Airtel to refund call charges.

    Yours faithully

    Dr K Chaudhry
    Copy to : TRAI DOT UCM President Media
    31 July 2009 Both officers busy at 03.28 PM
    31 July 2009 Both officers busy at 04.50 PM
    31 July 2009 Both officers busy at 05.25 PM
    18 August 2009 Both officers busy at 03.10 PM

  2. Sir,
    I’m using BSNL broadband service. I’m residing at Naduppalayam, Erode DT. I’m having a problem of disconnectinn of service at time period of 6PM-6AM Every day.. But my connection is good at day time.. This problem is occuring for 2 months.. Please check my complaints..

    Yours truly,
    Natarajan S P.

  3. sir, we have landline connection no 01596263009..despite reapted complaints they dont repair,most of the days its not workin..officials tell that they will come,but they dont come..

  4. Please deactivate the cricket information service on my prepaid connection 9466365070. This subscription is being renewed every time without my permission. I don’t require any such subscription.

  5. Deaaar sir, i have purchased a 3g data card a week ago, it worked for a day and since last 6 days it is not working i am not able to connect to internet, i have lodge a complain for the same and u will be very please to note that nothing has been done till date.

  6. sir my mobile no. 9412572898 is not activated yet and sim no. is 8991549126451479941. I have purchase it on 9 oct. 2010. so plzzzz acitvate my mobile no. soon

  7. i want to deactivate/discountinue my laughter club in my prepaid BSNL mobile No. 9456470158 becuase Rs. 20/- per month is being deducted from my balance.

  8. Dear sir/Madam,

    Im Thanulingam 20-10-2010 that day i topup this 9489796893 number 352 Amount untill now i never got i ask my money the deailer he say money also detect henever return my money also i never got topup also please look the matter immediatily this is your kindly request.

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