Unauthorised / Incorrect / Wrong Deduction of Airtel Prepaid

My mother is using Airtel Prepaid Mobile and resident of chandigarh for last 10+ years. She use this number for receiving and making calls. Neither she knows how to send SMS or neither she knows how to activate internet or any data services and neither she has any such requirements. But day before yesterday she made startling observation. Continuously hundreds of rupees are getting deducted from this prepaid no. account. Balance on 18 March 2014 was Rs 1475+ and now its come down to Rs 284. She was shocked. We made a contact to customer care executive on 20 March. They assured that proper action will be taken and there supervisor will make a call back and resolve this issue. But till date no call back from airtel. Neither did the executive register any complaint and neither was executive able to identify that this was because of internet usage. Internet has been automatically enabled on my mothers no. on 18 march without her knowledge.

Neither did she send any SMS or make any call requesting to enable the services listed but internet service + some other services like SMS Junction,Serious Sam Kamikaze Attack,Follo celebrities got activate on 18 March 2014. Customer care executive are not offering any help and respite. Executives have no knowledge about how to activate/deactivate services and how to resolve the issue. They keep on asking issue over and over again and keep forwarding the call from one person to another. Airtel Executives were informed about this issue on 20march but they didnt take any action. Money kept deducting. They didnt even stop the internet service as asked to. Again on 21march i have reported this issue. Kept repeating to the executive that money is continuously deducting and to stop this service. But reply he kept saying was we need your permission to stop. I kept saying that what else permission he needs when i am verbally telling him to do so. He was just making sure to tell me that the money in no ways will be refunded as you have used internet (forced service on user). He was reluctant to register complaint for this. According to him it was the service provided by airtel for which we have been charged. Instead he gave a me conversation reference no. 40321079515 and asked me to wait for his senior to call back in 4 hours. Executives have no knowledge about services and how to resolve the issue. They keep on asking issue over and over again and keep forwarding the call from one person to another. Still waiting for a call back from senior executive. Its been more than 2 days now and no response. Need immediate solution as balance is about to exhaust. Never expected such bad service and un-authorised charging by airtel. I need an immediate solution otherwise i will be forced to opt for legal and social actions for the same. Make sure Airtel ask your Seniors or Executive to call me (on my no 9910XXX471) instead of my mother (9815XXX6208 no in concern) Karan Singh +91-9910XXX471


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  1. The Complainant has written back to us stating that his complaint has been resolved up to his satisfaction.

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