As a Consumer / Customer, Why and How can I file a Complaint here on ComplaintBox ?
Some Corporates / Companies are operating in India to take consumers for a Ride and the Government represented by Law Makers (Politicians) and Enforcement agencies [Police, Bureaucrats etc] are all hand in a Glove in our Indian System. However, consumers need to alert other consumers on what kind of Products and Services companies are delivering or if they have been cheated about so that prospective customers will be careful in choosing their needs.

It is also true that more than half of the companies want to serve their customers when they have problems. Through this Platform we’ll let the consumer and the company have a transparent interaction and solve customers real world problems. So what are you waiting for, File Your Complaints Online or Send them via e-mail to @ gmail Dot Com

How to Mark the Complaint Resolved ?
Often, after having written complaints here, Companies have addressed them on a war footing and ask the consumer to delete the complaint. We’d like to enlighten that an addressed complaint gives Companies much more Visibility on how pro-actively it is addressing consumers’ issues. In this backdrop, the most we can do is mark the complaint as resolved in the comment form.

  • Send an e-mail to at gmail dot com with the URL of the complaint to be marked as resolved.
  • Also you have to send the e-mail from the same e-mail ID using which you had filed this complaint so that we know it is you and we’ll be glad to serve your request.

How to Remove a Complaint ?
If companies are still shy and and would want their complaint to be removed by the consumer, here is the procedure for the consumer to do so – Drop a line to at Gmail Dot Com from your company’s Official e-mail id and we’ll work with you to remove the same.

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