Reliance Trends Card Payment Billed Twice

I had done shopping worth Rs.3,543.60 from Reliance Trends Bandra on 26th June 2017 and due to some transaction error the cashier had swiped twice from my debit card and double amount has been debited from account. I was been told at that time by Mr.Shameer (Contact:+91 97681 32337) that amount will be refunded within 48 hours. But nothing happened, so i he told me to give my bill and bank statements to him so that he can give me the refund at the earliest. He gave me another number of Mr.Bharat (Contact:+91 77159 33252) to contact him if the refund is not received. Mr.Bharat gave me assurance that within one week i will get refund and he kept on delaying the issue on the excuse of GST work.

Further I filed compliant on customer care no.18001027382 which has registered the complaint number as specified in the subject after which I received a call from Mrs. Sujata Singh (Contact:+91 7738001436). She assured me that within 4 working days it will get resolved (which has already past 1 month now). She also stopped responding after which i filed another complaint as it was still unresolved within 7 working days. Lateron I received a call from her that I will have to come to their store and from there resolution will be done. I also went to their store with all the relevant documents. They made me wait for 2 hours at the store saying that the person wants to go for his Namaz. When he came back he said now we have Audit work now we cannot entertain you & they took my address and said that they will give me a Letter which I will submit to the Bank and I will get refund within 24 hours time. After that I did not get any call from them nor anyone came at my place to give any letter. Even the People at the customer care number are not keeping on their words that the issue will be resolved or not.

Even after 2 months they are unable to provide me with an exact date for my Refund. So its past more than two months now i have not got any refund and no one is responding positively as to how much more time they want as its past one month when GST has arrived, even i understand their work pressure but they cannot just keep their customers issue open for such a long period of time. In the name of GST, Namaz, Public Holidays, etc they are just keeping on dragging this issue like anything. Due to this I am incurring Minimum Balance Charges from my Savings Bank Account, if I would have received my Refund back i would have saved around Rs.1000/- which is an additional cost to me for Rs.3543.60. Also, I have provided them with all the details required such as my Bank Statements, Bill Copy, etc. still they are unable to solve the matter and give me the refund. Hope this site would provide me with some resolution.


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