Reliance Trends – Customer Stripped Searched

I am so happy with the customer service that I got from Reliance trends. A new trend is evolving in Reliance Trends. “STRIP SEARCHING” their customers!!!! Me, my brother and myself went to Reliance trends located i Purasawalakm, Chennai. While we shopping, a lady and her son was fighting with the work person over there, we were not listening to it and continued shopping. After the purchase we got it billed and when we are about to leave the store, we passed through the security door and it started to beep, the security came and checked our clothes and then the store person came barging in and he asked us to walk through the security gate again. The beep was triggered, then I told them that I had only headset and nothing else, he told that he want to check our purse!!!! That’s where we got frustrated!!!!! He thought that I have rolled the denim and kept inside my pocket. Then I told that I didn’t ca rry my purse!!!!! Then he asked me to that he want to search me, I agreed, but then that son of a pooch told me to come to trial room for strip search!!!! The worst ever service I had gone through my entire shopping life. The previous customer had also the same issue, the beep was triggered by security patch attached to my cloth which was purchased in MAX store a few months ago. The lady I mentioned had the same problem too!!!!! When you have a problem with your system bloody you should rectify and will you go on a strip search spree on your customers????? When he was about to strip search me another low level clerk came and flipped the tag in my shirt and told us that the system is reading the security patch attached to the cloth which was purchased in MAX. A Muslim lady has also made a complaint regarding their scuffle!!!!! At their first complaint, they should have corrected the error in the system!!!!! He was keen on searching my purse and very keen on strip searching me !!!! May be he was a gay it seems!!!! I don’t have the faintest idea how they handed over the reputed store to a group of retarded people!!!!!! I kindly request everyone not to go this store and please don’t go along with your female friends or relatives because if you are wearing international or a high priced clothes with security patch you will be strip searched for sure!!!!!!!!


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