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ComplaintBox.In [Alpha] is a platform for Indian consumers to help them resolve their complaints related to Defective Goods & Products, Deficiency in Services, Billing, False Promise and Marketing of Financial and related Products, etc.

Few years ago, Indians didn’t have Internet as a means to communicate and Word of Mouth was the only review available for him/her to listen to and decide on purchasing a product / service. However, for our jobs and Rozi Roti, we relocate to several different places across India as an alien in that town or city. Only now, we think of Internet and WWW as the best medium to figure out Consumer Voices in the vicinity and society we have landed into.

However, with changing times, Retailers, Product Vendors, Dealers, Service Providers have not changed and are not even fulfilling some basic obligations which they are liable to. It is not very uncommon to see Banks and Mobile companies just ignoring our complaints. Some offices like state electricity boards, Real Estate Developers, BSNL etc stoop to the extent of saying Do whatever you want [Aap Ko Jo Karna Hey, Karlo]. We want prospective customers to read about such arrogant companies / establishments and throw them out of business by not dealing with them at all [Remember, the famous Quote ? We are in Business because we have customers]

Currently, users are requested to actively post their complaints or reviews and let other readers and visitors vote on the same. Remember, your views always help others and hence do not hesitate to share them here. At the backend, our team will be looking into the same and all active complaints will be taken up and forwarded to respective party for comments and resolution. Responses to complaints will be updated and consumer / customer be informed of the same.

If your complaint is very serious and involves compensation of over Rs 10,000 and above, the best method to get justice is approach the District Consumer Court. For details refer here Consumer Court.

ComplaintBox.in [Beta] will have legal and para-legal professionals on this platform to help consumers. Stay tuned, until then happy writing reviews and filing complaints. Remember your views will help many other netizens looking for similar information.

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