Airtel – Misusing ID False bills generated

Today i got 2 bills generated by Airtel numbers are 9599220xxx,9599220xx. In this bill there is my name and address but i dont know who is using these numbers and and i dont know from how much time he/she is using these numbers and how he get my i’d and i also dont know how the verification of these numbers are done. before 1 or 2 months i got a call from airtel a lady was talking to me and impressed me by telling me a good plan i got ready to port from vodafone to airtel then she gave me number and i whatsapp my i’d and photo on that number number is (9717498xxx) i think they are misusing my i’d.

I want to do complaint against airtel that how can they give these numbers without my permission and signature and no verification is done to the given address on bill and somebody just thrown that bill in my house and no signatures were taken during providing these bill. take action against airtel by which they cant do this again to anyone

Email Id: ashusingh301195@hotmail.

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