Cobb Apparels – Poor Quality of Product

I had purchase 1 cotton trouser from Cobb Apparels Pvt ltd branch Malviya Nagar outlet with bills details as Memo No. 4040-0006001 MRP. 970/- DOP 22-Feb-2014, color of the was light brown. What happened was their was white spot all over trouser and now I cannot wear that trouser do to this. I have washed the trouser as per the normal washing is done. I have communicated the same to the Store Manager about the problem of white spot, however he has send the trouser to his Head Office for further checking and action to be taken on that problem. In the meanwhile I have contacted their Head Office about my problem they said, then spot problem was due to improper wash and company cannot exchange or return the trouser. Still the trouser is with them and they have sent it back to me. They ever said to give a call back about my problem but they never did, and every time a had to make the call and ask about my problem. Every time I call them they had different answer to my problem.

This was a new trouser which cost me Rs. 970 this is my economic damage. I could have purchased any different trouser from different brands with the same price, however I have my faith with COBB, and just because of this I lost faith in this company and if they do not replace or return my trouser I will have financial loss of Rs. 970

I want either of two things, refund me complete amount or replace the trouser.

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name- Lakshmikant e-mail

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