ebay.in Iberry Auxus Nuclea N1 – The phone was unable to catch the network

Please note that I have purchased a Mobile Phone (Iberry Auxus Nuclea N1) from ebay.in. Ever since day one the phone had issues with the network. The phone was unable to catch the network whereas other brands on the same network had full signal. The matter was rported to the company on numerous occations and I was told to visit the company service centers where the service center people even failed to recognize the product Finally i sent the same to their head office in chennai. Now my phone is with them and they are everyday making a new excuse to run away from the problem insted of solving the issues raised. I hereby attach my communications to them on the company website. I request you to kindly have a check and do justice.

I want full refund of of the price I paid plus a similar amount as compensation for the losses that I suffered.

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