KTM Bike – Customer Experience

Myself Savio Ross would like to raise my voice regarding the grievance that has been caused to me physically and mentally by the dealers and service center guys from KTM India. I have purchased KTM DUKE 390 BSIII on dated September 04, 2016 which was a lovely gift from my FiancĂ©, expecting that the Austrian Motorcycle Manufacturers are being the best in the world, However it’s just become a worse nightmare for me. I somehow feel even after spending an amount of INR 2,24,000 (On Road) by cash for the Bike’s purchase believing it that it’s going to be one of the best make, then you guys started giving me surprises that I have ever imagined that I could even get such an assistance from so called KTM. Details of the Bike are as follows ;

Regn. Number : TS09EP7905 Model : KTM DUKE 390 BSIII
Registered Name : AFSHEEN LALANI CHASSIS NO : MD2JGJ4E5GC292811 My concerns, sorry I should call them as the Pain that you guys gave me are listed as below ; 1. Since the day I got the bike I informed the service guys that I had few troubling issues with the self-start. I have also informed that I was facing issues with the self-start during my bike’s 1st and 2nd free service. My bikes 1st and 2nd free services did nothing but worsened the condition of the bike, for the issues I have been very specific about. I think all they do is just keep the bike for a day or two do the basic checks, call the customer back and say that the issues have been resolved to satisfaction. Date of First Service : 29.10.2016 ODO Meter Reading : 1361 Kms Date of Second Service : 22.06.2017 ODO Meter Reading : 6469 Kms 2. I have clearly informed about the recurring concerns with the self-start and few niggling pick up issues with the Bike. During August, 2017 I wanted to get all the issues resolved so then I called the Dealer ; Dealer Code : VARUN MOTORS(12418) Address: Shop No.8-2-120/117/A/2, Plot No.83, Opp. KBR Park, Road No.2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034 Chandu, who’s the one who sold the vehicle to me has given me a few suggestions to charge the battery or do a jump start, which actually helped me for a day. An the very next day, I found the issue is still pertaining. I called him so many times for his help in resolving the issue with a request for servicing the bike, He haven’t picked my call at all even after calling him for almost 30 times in a day. And when finally he picked the call and advised me to call on another number who seems to be a mechanic(On Road Assistance), I felt somehow that he was trying to escape from the scene. Phone Number of Chandu : +91 8297544423 It’s a minimum manners or common sense to call back the customer even after making calls for so many times. When I called the number advised by Mr. Chandu, The guy on the other hand, he hardly picked my calls finally when he picked the call, gave me lame excuses stating there were staffing issues, they were on lunch breaks, asking me to call the same dealer again(Chandu) to check for a better resolution. How could a Company like KTM would come up with such excuses like staffing issues, I mean are you guys like serious ?? After the kind of experience provided by KTM, I ended up buying a Volkswagen Polo GT car and KTM Bike is just resting at my place since 3 months. I went to Madhapur Service center and spoke to Mr. Pillai, Manager, advised me to change the battery as he confirmed initially that the issue was with the battery and replacing the battery would resolve the issue. Believing that I replaced the battery for an amount of INR 2300 as advised. Even after replacing the Battery with a new one, there was no change. Pillai on the other hand I think had no clue about what’s happening with the Bike however suggested me something out of his personal experience which burnt my wallet costing INR 2300 with no resolution. He now suggested me to buy a self-motor which costs around INR 5300, I’m so bloody upset, annoyed an frustrated with the kind of service that KTM is providing and the for the nightmares I had to go through. The kind of response you guys gave me, do you think that I would spend more money believing in you guys for which the issues remains the same. It was so embarrassing that I had to take the Bike on trolley vehicle to the service center myself after spending huge loads of money and investing my valuable time. I lost my patience now. If this is the kind of service provided I would kindly advise please stop manufacturing the vehicles or mention a board in front of the store stating that these are the issues that each and every customer would face by buying a KTM after investing loads of money. I would be privileged to post this on all the social networking sites and educate and let people know the experience of buying so called “KTM DUKE 390″ My satisfaction is at stake now. I want the Head of the KTM Authorities to call me as soon as possible and take necessary action on this and get the issue resolved. You guys have no idea what I’m going through right now. I would not step back or hesitate to file a case in the Consumer Forum Court. I know my rights and I would surely use them wisely to get the better result out of this. Thanks & Regards Sylvestor Savio Ross Phone Number : +91 99XXXX00518


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