KTM Duke Bikes – Customer Service Review

Being a KTM duke 390 from the first lot, I have faced lot of niggles like leaking head gasket, water pump seal failure resulting in coolant level drops abruptly, quirky(jerky ride), corrupt speedometer, rattling tank cap and the list goes on. I was still okay with all the pains I had to endure, and the only redeeming fact was the smile that my bike brought every time I rode. A recent event has left me heartbroken to an extent that I have vowed not to buy any KTM product. Over a period of 4 months, my bike has visited multiple times to the authorized service centre only to disappoint me more and more. I get a clear warning of high coolant temperature in my console even when the bike is ridden sedately in the open roads at a moderate speed of 50-60 kmph and for a short distance of within a Km. if the bike climbs the rpm, the coolant is splashed out from the radiator and the coolant tank! I was stranded mid-way on a highway at night and believe me that was a horrible experience to explain the least. KTM’s Mysore service centre is horrible to say the least. ignorant and incapable staff. WHY DON’T KTM SPEND a little time and money to improve the product quality and have a well trained staff who can actually do something (IF not better than a local garage)?? I will never recommend KTM to my friends and fellow enthusiasts. I would be more than happy to invest every dime in any Japanese brand eyes closed henceforth. If KTM can take back the bike and provide me with the salvage money I would be happy to let go… What’s the use of a bike which does not run???


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