Not Satisfied with Bata service

Below are the Bill and Product Details.
Bill Number:20116
HDFC TID:40974999
Articale Details:871-3015

Shop Details: Shop located at Deccan Pune Maharashtra.

The footwear is not comfortable, when i visited to bata store the supporter of bata store refuse my request exchange request without verifying product and bill correctly, he simply replied u have used this product for long time.
now pls check the Billing date and exchange date how he simply replied we can not exchange your product.

Without trial no one can identify the product, i tried this only for 10 min
and bata people saying you are using this from long time without checking bill.

now i am not able to use this product because this is not comfortable. Today i realize bata don’t care their customer after sales.

Very bad experience with Bata and the supporters.

Note: I am not requesting for refund, i just need comfortable product.

Thank you
Roshan Tarale

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