One Assist Customer Care – No Response

My Service Request Number: 2212439 As per my insurance, I am eligible for replacement two times. So, the second time I raised the claim – they asked me to first apply for IMEI change process – which I did promptly. They did not come back to me till date. Whenever I call the customer care they state that they cannot change IMEI for a broken phone! Till date they have not written back to my emails even though I have called them many times asking them to do so and they agreed. This is very silly as I have the replacement invoice of the first claim which clearly states highlights the old and the new IMEI numbers. My claim to them since 02 August 2017 still remains unanswered. Is there a way to escalate this issue to IRDA for resolution please since there is no grievance addressal mechanism at Oneassist?


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