PNB MetLife Insurance Agent Lie – Review

Dear All, Some one from PNB Metlife convinced me to take a 10 years PNB METLIFE Met Growth RP POLICY in 2009 for a premium of 1,00,000 per annum. They have told me that we need to pay the premium for minimum 5 years and maximum 10 years. First year i have paid the premium and second year also i have made the payment online and i have realized after 3 months that the amount i have paid is not credited to my account and it has been credited to some other persons account. I raised a issue and it got solved after few months. I had really wrost experience with PNB metlife. Later on i have paid the third year premium, i also had some issues even for this payment. So i lost the confidence and i stopped paying premium, and later on when i checked the value of my policy it says around 1.6 lakhs, when i called the customer service, they told me that they have invested only 2 lakhs, but i have paid 3 lakhs. and they told me that first year paid premium of 1,00,000 , they have not invested , instead they tell like this 1 lakh is premium allocation charges. I got pissed off, they are charging 1 lakh for allocation charges, I dint know and they have not conveyed this to me when i took the policy. And the sum assured for this policy is 10 lakhs only, it means we will pay 10 lakhs for 10 years and they will give 10 lakhs after 10years, what does it say, they are using public money and they are making money with our money. I am not at all happy with this company, they are litterally cheating public, so i decided to file a case against PNB metlife, and i am ready to fight for it . So kindly people, please you people dont get cheating by investing in PNB metlife. Please save your hard earn money.


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