Reliance JIO Tower – Noise Pollution

The Official Concerned
Reliance JIO Tower (Tower No. 0637) / Chennai.

Respected Sir / Madam,

I am living in the above mentioned residential locality.

In the building opposite to my residence there is a transmission tower erected by Reliance GIO ( Tower No. 0637) . Of late the fan noise emanating from the tower particularly during the peaceful night & early morning hours blows like a siren and is very disturbing to my peaceful living.

I have brought this issue to the knowledge of Mr. Ranjith ( Tower in-charge) over phone on his mobile No.70 10 14 58 19). On receipt of my complaint, 15days back Mr. Ranjith sent some of his team members to fix the problem and solve the issue. The team memebers after their inspection v informed me that the excessive noise is due to the two fans inside the tower box installed for cooling purposes. The maximum that they can do to reduce the noise is to switch of one fan & done so. Even after that the noise level continues to be louder and disturbing.

In my locality, I could see a couple of other network operators’ towers in the nearby buildings. They all run noiseless. When I brought this feedback to Mr. Ranjith, I was informed that the towers of other service providers are provided with air conditioning facility and hence the noise is not heard outside. In the case of Reliance GIO such a facility is not available. Therefore he can’t do anything more to give me relief.

Nowadays, I am not able to reach Mr. Ranjith at all. All the time i get the reply message from his number that this mobile is either not reachable or switched off. Hence, I requested the building owner Mrs. Devaraj ( Mob: 98 41 88 49 19) to coordinate with Reliance GIO to stop the nuisance. But, to my dismay till date i haven’t got any relief.

I therefore hereby earnestly request to take note of my complaint seriously & initiate necessary remedial action at the earliest and do the needful.

Yours sincerely,


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