ReInstate Insurance Agency of LIC

Respected sir,
Myself, Shri.Vitthal Deoram Bhoye. Lic agent from shrirampur branch. My agency code is 06420959 and licence no. is 9077686.
I had recruited on 1st July 2012 . But last year in 2016 my agency was terminate because of my wife illness as well as family problems. I was totally broked. Thats why my agency year end requirement were not fulfilled. This is my 1st termination by rule. I visited shrirampur branch in the month of March 2017 for agency reinstatement. They told me that complete 12 lives and 1lakh premium. As they told i had complete all norms required for agency reinstatement.
After that in September 2017 branch officials told me that agency was terminated twice. Thats why agency cannot reinstated . After deep study i found that on 01.05.2013 my agency was terminated wrongly by shriranpur branch office sales department.
Now I want to work but because of wrongly termination lic cannot reinstatement of agency. Aslo 12 lives and 1lakh premium pending with Life Insurance Corporations this 959 branch.

Please give me justice i want to work hard. Please help me to reinstate my agency. Thanks in advance.

Yours faithfully,
Shri. V.D.Bhoye

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