Reliance Trends Store Staff Behavior Unacceptable

Dear Sir/ Madam Greetings!

The Most Important Skill of your employees should be Behavior & Attitude. When it comes to customer care skills, your business should be focused on one thing – people. Whether you refer to them as clients or customers their loyalty is the key to your success Building an effective customer service oriented store or business starts with the attitudes of your customer service representatives. Customers are more likely to respond in a positive way when your customer service approach is accommodating, action-driven and friendly. Visited your store and purchased goods on 24th September with high expectations.

Issue No.1: Went with my daughter as it was a daughters day to gift some dresses to her she is 15 years , i have to check whether the dresses suits her, your store executives are rude enough cautioning me not to get into the change room side as it was Women & Kids, what about my situation and many other men customers who bring their kids? Issue No.2: Purchased goods worth 4498 and went for billing, the billing executive MR.Hari Kiran and his colleague asked me do you have a Reliance Trends Membership card, I said i dont remember the card number and he asked me my mobile number to check whether i got or not? He said i dont have a card existing in the system, I have asked why dont you issue one now? He didnt replied i said fine and asked him to bill my stock. Payment ref no: 5861105000124092017 Invoice no: 5861150517500472 He asked me to go to the other bay where my eligible gift will be handed over. I went there and he was noting down the details of my bill in a register, We found in the bill then that either my name, address or phone number or correct? I had asked what is that and why is that printed other person details? Instead of accepting the mistake that he did the same to gain some card points on his know person name. He was rude giving me some horrible answers and trying to misbehave with me as if like treating an illiterate.

IF IAM CHEATED LIKE THIS HOW ABOUT MANY A UN EDUCATED CUSTOMERS ARE CHEATED? HOW DO YOU GET THE CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAMS AND CUSTOMER REPETITION HAPPENS? He had done a complete cheating to the customer as well the company. My question to him was, if i wanted to replace or change or get any other clarifications unexpected then whom am i with the details entered, if the company ask me for the proof of identity. Issue No.3: As he continued giving me this non sense answers, asked him to call the store manager, he called him from an interconnect phone, waited for more than 10 minutes, there was no response, when i shouted at him an other guy came along with security guy starring at me as if i did some mistake, Then when i explained the issue he called the store manager from the internal phone and still that gentle men didnt turned around. THIS IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING POSSIBLE IS WHAT I FEEL. looking forward for a better explanation on the issue happened. Train your Team the ethics first, people are already loosing hope and trust. regards Vamsi K Rayal Advocate 597 A, LIC Colony, Tirupati Mobile: 984XXX2556


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