Fank Ross Pharmacy – Review

Sir – The complainant is a customer since long & never made any complaint against your reputed company, but this time forced to complain due to misbehaviour from a front desk salesgirl of your shop at 102, Bansdroni govt colony, Kolkata 700070 at about 8.30 pm tonight. Complaint is as under: I had purchased medicine one strip of “Aciloc 150 mg” from the shop on 4.9.2017 & accordingly applying, but in between one tablet is melted & another one is discoloured, but expiry date is shown as May 2019. After showing the strip, the said salesgirl comments that as to how I have shown that medicine after 4.9.17 (purchase date) today only, then I told her as & when I have seen, I draw your attention. Sir you should investigate the matter and try to post such type of good behavioral staff at front desk not to invite such type of any complaint. An early resolution is solicited. With regards,


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