Reliance Trends Shopping Experience Gone Bad

This has been my worst shopping experience ever! I have been an active customer but from now onwards, I am never going to visit this place! I went to Reliance trends in Elante Mall, Chandigarh , shopped for Rs 3600 and was harassed for 40 minutes as they forgot to add my gift to the bill. I told them that I do not want the gift but they insisted. They said the process will take 10 minutes as they have to remake the bill etc etc etc. On asking about the refund, as i was annoyed after 40 minutes, the staff was rude and did not reply. I, along with my parents were getting late for dinner, other customers were being entertained before us!The manager was absent and no one took the charge. Junior staff is untrained and unprofessional. In the end, I had to fight with them to get my refund and moved out. Thanks for giving the worst memory with them!! will make sure that no one in my vicinity visits them!


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