SBI General Insurance – Request for cessation certificate

Dear Sir, I am Rakesh Palankeezu holding an agency code SBG0021126 with SBI general( license no:9241995) .The code is said to be inactive for last 3 years as there was no business pooled in to the code .On 8th of november 2016 i have been to thrissur branch to place a request for NOC where as they have accepted and redirected me to send a request via mail to sales support . As per my employment requirement the company has requested me to avail NOC from SBI general insurance at the earliest .Kindly consider the request and please provide the NOC .Request to prioritze and do the needfull .Below provided is the details of my Code. Code Details: Name of the Agent:Rakesh Palankeezu Agent Code:SBG0021126 IRDA License No:9241995 Thanks and Regards Rakesh Palankeezu


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