Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance – Release PAN


I used to an agent of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance company at Durgapur Branch. I was terminated as an agent three years back! My Bajaj Allianz IC Code used to be 1000882234. My PAN no. is __RPS4916G. And my IRDA licence no. is 4469715, DOC 07/08/2008.

I wish to apply for fresh agency from LICI. On application, Asansol LICI office informed me that my pan is still not freed by Bajaj Allianz. Bajaj Allianz was requested multiple times to free my PAN. I was asked to contact the sales admin, Santosh Harpude, residing in Pune. He referred m y case to Sarabjit Singh and asked him to look into the matter. But, there was no reply or communication from Bajaj Allianz anymore. It’s been more than one whole year Bajaj Allianz is harassing me hence!

When I re-applied in LICI for agency through Durgapur branch 2- without knowing my status of PAN at Bajaj Allianz- somehow, my URN was generated and I was allowed to sit in the exam. Assuming that Bajaj Allianz has freed my PAN and somehow thought it unnecessary to inform me about it, I took the exam and passed the online exam on 9th January 2017. But, while issuing code no. LICI rejected my application as my PAN is yet not free from Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company!

I, immediately, contacted Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company regarding the matter mentioned above. And now they are asking for documents like

1. Declaration for issuance of No objection letter
2. Resignation letter
3. Latest Original IRDA ID card
4. Latest Original IRDA License
5. Original Appointment Letter.

Sir/Ma’am, I have been terminated three backs and most of those documents are not available. I am a terminated agent now, why can’t I work in another company now? Please look into the matter and sort it.

Thanking you,
Yours Faithfully,

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