HDFC Max Life Insurance – Renewal Commission

I had joined Max life insurance comp in the 2006 as a AGENT ADVISOR,in 2013 the comp promoted me to employment has a Agency development manager wherein i was getting my renewals and i was told i will get since i have completed 7years.i resigned from Max life on 24th Jan 2017.Before resignation i have called service helpdesk to ask regarding my renewals i was told i will continue getting. In two days after my leaving the comp all my customers got letter stating change of agent. But on repeated mails to HR and service helpdesk i got reply stating i will not get my renewals since i was terminated from system and my code shows terminated. i have been writing mails to them stating i was not terminated i was promoted . but they have been very rude in their statements.

I have worked very hard for 11 years and given my sincere efforts to the company in terms of agent and employee.. I am feeling cheated that when comp has promised and its a IRDA rule when agent completes 5 years in insurance sector he or she automatically is entitled for life long renewals.Now no body even replies to my mails regarding the same.I have been fighting for this since 3 months now but in vain now i had to put it on this i need justice for the work and promise which i was given and when i am asking for the right according to norms.agent code 144253.


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