Jio 4G LTE SIM Activation taking Forever

Dear Sir, I had taken a jio sim on 10/03/2017, against my Aa dhar number from your Shillong outlet. My order number is NO00002E89F8 as per sms received. I was told that the sim will be activated within 4 hours, but surprisingly the sim has not activated even after 24 hours. Kindly let me me know the status. Regards Subrata Deb


SIR, i have purchased the jio sim dated 27/09/2016 and the dealer confirmed that the sim is activated and can be used for tele-verification and network is also shown but I am unable to contact 1977 to tele verify also my jio no hasn’t given to me. To many trys but dealer has given his hands out and saying that do it by yourself. what can i do. my order no is NO00000DKYYE and ICCID is 69918680400018485843 please help me.


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