Lenovo Mobile – Customer Care Issues

Sir I bought Lenovo k6 power and on its first day,the device get switch off after every 15seconds and it’s mic is also not working,when someone call me my voice doesn’t reach other device.Please help me I am in big trouble.


I had an issue with my lenovo vibe k5 phone which is under warranty period. The phone was not detecting the mobile network . So i visited the nearest Lenovo service center , Smarttech in Mangalore, Karnataka . I was told that it would take 10 days and there is some issue with the motherboard and it has to be replaced. After waiting for 11 days and no response, I called the service center to check the status. T he staff out there was least bothered to assist effectively and asked me to wait for a week again. A week later i get to hear the same response, that they are waiting to get the motherboard from the head office. This was outrageous, does it take more than 15 days to get a motherboard from the head office? I waited patiently for so many days without my phone which i needed very much but i get to hear this in the end! And when I told the staff that I would be collecting my phone back, the staff was so arrogant that she asked me to collect it rather than helping me out with the issue! I never expected such a service from a company like Lenovo. Very disappointed.


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