MM residency – Unlimited delay in possession and no response of calls

30 months back I bought a residential flat in MM residency. The property is developed by MM Developers. As per our contractual terms and condition the developer was supposed to handover the peaceful possession of property by 31st December 2012, but till now the construction is not completed and from past 13 months the developer stopped constructing the building after the 10th slab of building. As per the contractual plan the developer is supposed to construct total 16th slab. This contract is violated by the developer and when I tried to call developer at their office no one is responding and sometime people over there is using abuse and offensive language. I took a personal and home loan just to buy this property and put all my savings to buy this property. Now as per the contract developer has to pay an interest from 1st January 2013 but they are not responding. Please help me I am fed-up and I have no option left. I am not in India but I have provided my family numbers who can provide all the details in this regards. I took a huge loan and to pay this I have to left my country and came to abroad. My abroad mobile number is +00974 77910285 and my family number given below I logged multiple cases with consumer court and public grievances but no one is ready to work on it and everyone is passing me from one person to another person like table tennis. I contacted MAHADA but no response, I visited SRA office but no one answer, I tried contacting principal secretary housing GOM but again his team asked me to contact MAHADA, when I contacted MAHADA they asked me to contact SRA when I contacted SRA they said go and talk to president of India. What should I do ? Property and developer details are given below As part of action I sent multiple emails to developer and sent legal notice through register post but no response from their side Property Details B-1304, MM Residency S.G Barve Marg Kurla East Mumbai Developer Details: MM Developers 4, 5th Floor, 15 LBS, Phoenix Market city, LBS Road, Kurla (W), Mumbai – 400 070. INDIA. MM woodland: Survey No 198, Next To Rupa Compound, C S T Road, Kurla West, Mumbai, India

As per contractual terms and condition the developer has to pay the interest on the amount that I put in or else developer has to buy back this property with current market rate i.e 12000 INR per square feet

Complainant Information
name- rahim0101

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  1. The Complainant has Written Back stating that the complaint has been resolved to his satisfaction and thus stands closed.

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