Unethical behavior of FIRST FLIGHT courier

Dear Sir,

Currently i am living in Mumbai. I visited First flight for the first time in byculla west on N M Joshi marg. They took the packet and said it will be charged 172 is that ok. I asked how 172 he said ok you give Rs 150. I asked but how you are telling the rate without weighing it. He said that is the charge and he showed me some table (the pic of which i am attaching in mail) as per that 172 was the price for a 500 gm packet and mine is 15 gm only. when i asked them how you are calculating they rudely said we cant send your packet take it. The way they behaved was very awful. When i asked them is there something like customer service he said we don’t provide customer service and gave back my product. I will never ever suggest first flight to anyone.


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